Building Work Makes Progress

12/05/11 11:06

 Despite some unfortunate and unavoidable, the new harbour offices extension is getting nearer completion. A further issue with the delivery date for the first floor windows means that the block will not be opened until late June - thank you to everyone for putting up with the Portakabin toilets - I do hope that the wait will be worth it! We had hoped to have the toilets and showers open earlier but this would have meant a compromise on the finishes plus health and safety issues with work going on overhead. We have therefore decided to hold off opening until all the structural work is complete. Downstairs there is a lot of activity with the tiler, decorator and others working hard. Upstairs internal walls are being built and plans for the new cafe are well advanced. The tentative opening date for the cafe is July 1st but timing will be tight. Outside footings are in for the new deck and the steel framework is being manufactured. Heres hoping we will all be sitting out there come the summer enjoying the good weather!

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