Charges from April 2012 now published

23/01/12 11:29

Our new berthing, storage and other charges are now available. These take effect from 1st April 2012. After lengthy discussions we have decided to increase our berthing rate by 5% from £302/m to £317/m (inclusive of VAT at 20%). While no-one likes to see their berthing costs increase, we feel that we are still offering great value for money, particularly with the improvements to the on-site facilities that have been made. As I am sure you will understand, to continue with our investment programme we do need to maintain our levels of income. Having completed the work on the onshore facilities, our focus is now on upgrading our fingers and pontoons. Clearly this is a substantial job as the majority of the on water infrastructure dates back to the 1960s but we intend to start this year with C pontoon. More details to follow and we will be contacting the individual berthholders on C directly to let them know our plans. We are also hoping to organise more berthholder events this year - any suggestions gratefully received. For full details of our revised charges please click here or follow the link on the home page.


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