New Fingers for C pontoon

12/03/12 11:46

The week beginning March 16th will see some disruption on C pontoon as we replace the fingers on the eastern side of C (the non island side). This will require the boats currently berthed there to be temporarily moved. The new fingers will be longer and wider thus creating berths that can better accomodate longer and wider boats. We decided to replace these fingers first as this is the area of the marina best suited for longer boats and we are increasingly struggling to find appropriate berths for this class of vessel. It will mean that we will be asking that some existing C berthholders accept a berth elsewhere in the marina from April and we will be contacting affected berthholders individually this week. I do hope to roll out the programme of new fingers and indeed pontoons across the marina in the coming years as we are aware that the current quality is very mixed with many dating back to the 1960s. Please bear with us and we will endeavour to make the changes as painless as possible.

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