First Quiz a Success

24/04/12 12:55

Thirty eight berthholders and friends of the marina plus Neil, Lorna and myself got together on Friday 30th March for our first evening social. We all enjoyed delicious food prepared by the Deck - menu consisting of lasagne or vegetarian lasagne with salad and garlic bread followed by raspberry mousse and coffee. Neil was Quizmaster and the questions compiled by Lorna covered a range of topics with a topical section on the Olympics. Teams were tables of four and a close fought contest saw Spirit and Selene (Richard and Helen Stoneman of High Spirits with friends and ex berthholders John and Julia Strudwick) tie with the Deckhouse Dimwits from Mill Quay (who clearly weren't - dimwits that is). It all came down to the tie-breaker questions and it was Spirit and Selene who came nearest to answering "what tonnage can the Crane lift" (for those who don't know the answer is 10 tonnes). I tackled the questions on my own and was particularly proud of being able to name which of the seven dwarfs wears glasses (Doc) and who is the daughter of Fred and Wilma Flintstone (Pebbles). Unfortunately not so good on the cities that have hosted the Olympics since London in 1948 - definitely needed to be able to phone a friend.

Many thanks to all who attended for making it such a fun evening, to Lorna for organising the event, Neil for asking the questions and the Deck for the great food and service.




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