What a Great Day for A Cruise

02/10/12 02:07

The sun shone as ten boats left EYH for the sail down Chichester Harbour and round to Chichester Marina on the last Saturday in September. We started the day with coffee and croissants in The Deck and a briefing from Bernard Clarke, skipper of MV Stromvadie (and owner of a Westerley!). He duly described the procedures for arrival at Chi Marina and for berth allocation (with a few pointed references to stable fingers and the like - thanks Bernard). Then at around 10 am the 10 boats set off amid brilliant sunshine and fair winds. Once in Chi Marina cruise participants had the afternoon to themselves (when they weren't entertaining Lorna ...) and some walking (and sleeping) took place. The party assembled again at 6 pm in the bar at the Chichester Yacht Club where the crews and guests were joined again by me and Lorna and by Neil and Crystal. We all enjoyed ourseves wining and dining in the Yacht Club conservatory and were then treated to a firework display - which I would love to say comes as standard on any EYH cruise but was actually courtesy of the wedding going on upstairs. Anyway it was a great social as well as sailing event and seemed to be enjoyed by all, including the various canine members of the party. Boats taking part were Stromvadie, Reprieve, Kalynda, Le Moulin Vert, Mad Moment, Windsong, Bugle, Pastorale, Happy Jack and Oban.

Thank you to all those who took part for making it such as success with special thanks to Bernard as Officer of the Day and Lorna for her usual impeccable organisation. Photos can be viewed in the web-site photo gallery or by clicking here.





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