Parking Solution blocked by Council

26/11/12 11:16


 In a great start to the week, we have just received a Refusal Notice for our planning application for additional parking in the field to the east of the marina site. Despite encouraging support from the Chichester Harbour Conservancy and Natural England, the council have decided to refuse consent on the basis that this will "result in a highly visible incursion into previously undeveloped land within the designated Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty". This despite the landscaping aspect to our proposals and the fact that the current field is a complete mess full of spoil heaps and partially excavated drainage pits. I had allowed myself some optimism when the Conservancy supported the application as they recognised the low value of the site within the AONB and gave weight to our arguments about sustainable business development. These arguments weren't however considered valid by either the Parish Council, who objected in a single paragraph, or clearly the District Council.

Roll on the appeal to the Secretary of State!

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