Parking Appeal - we need your support!

23/05/13 01:55

 We applied for planning permission to develop a car parking area within the corner of the field to the north (right) of the access road into the marina. It is not our field but we can rent it from the owners and have proposed a landscaped car park for fifty cars. The site is currently a mess with a large drainage ditch and spoil heaps and the idea is to flatten the site and then landscape so that the cars are hidden by grassy banks from Thorney Road and from the north. Access would be from our drive. We really need this additional car parking as it has become a real issue on site. Both Chichester Harbour Conservancy and Natural England supported our application and agreed with our view that while technically within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty this particular piece of waste ground has little to recommend it.

Unfortunately Chichester District Council didn't agree and refused our application on the basis that it would cause visual harm. We do not agree and also feel that our business case is compelling. EYH is a thriving community and should be supported. 

If you would like to support our appeal you can do so online -  the website is and the key number that you need to know is 2197534. The page has a button to "Search for a Case" and this is the number that needs to be entered as case reference. It will then take you to a page with details of the case and you can click on the comment button and comment as an Interested Person/Party.

If you need any help or would prefer to write a letter please let us know or drop the letter in and we will make sure it gets to the Planning Inspectorate. 

Please write in support even (especially) if you did so the first time round!

Thank you!




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