Open Boat and Berthholder Picnic

08/05/17 01:24

 There were balloons, there were boats hosting visitors, there were people visiting boats, even apparently scones on El Bravo (sorry I missed those).  Our inaugural Open Boat event (shamelessly copied from a marina in the South West) took place yesterday on a fortunately dry Sunday morning. It was well supported with a number of boats on each pontoon flying a balloon in their pontoon colour to indicate they were happy to receive guests. It did however give rise to some envy among the participants as they admired the boats of other berthholders. Everyone then moved up to the seawall area near D pontoon with their picnics, some of which were extremely impressive and put my M and S sandwich to shame. Drinks were provided and there were welcome gifts for our new berthholders. Lorna was also celebrating fifteen years working for the Wakelins, so we marked that anniversary with a small gift and large round of applause! 

Thank you to everyone who supported the event and an especial welcome to our "newbies" - we look forward to seeing you at many more get-togethers.



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