Hog Roast a Success!

05/07/10 01:16

Saturday July 3rd was the date of our annual berthholder do and this year was our biggest event ever. Over 200 people got together to enjoy a delicious Hog Roast, courtesy once again of The Barbeque Chef at Pagham. We were entertained by Graham Anthony for the second year running, who gave us a range of ballads and popular songs. Roast pig or quiches, salads and bread were followed by a glorious array of gateaux and tea or coffee. A number of berthholders were then lucky enough to win pairs of tickets to the Southampton Boat Show while others won bottles of wine. The weather was fantastic - such a contrast to last year when a reduced number of berthholders braved the wind and rain with their umbrellas. The only umbrella I spotted this year was being used as a sunshade. A big thanks to everyone who attended and made it such a fun occasion and to Lorna and the rest of the Harbour Team for their fine organisation. For some photos of the day please see the photo gallery.

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