Depth Gauge


* Data Is for Guidance only. Neither EYH nor the University of Portsmouth Take any responsibility for groundings. Readings below 0.2m are Inaccurate and treated as 0m. Please Read Tide boards on the Sill and check your own depth sounders.

There may be some issues refreshing the above data. If in doubt, for a more up to date value please use this link :

The graph below Shows the data outputted by this sensor in the last 24 hours, hover over the graph to view individual readings.

About the Project

This Sensor has been designed and installed by David Zukiewicz, studying BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering at the University of Portsmouth. The project is the basis of a final year dissertation aiming to study tide monitoring methods and install a new system to aid entry into EYH. 

The study has found several differences between Recorded Data and Publicly available data from Tide Tables and other local sources. The Geography of the Channel and location of Slipper Mill Pond both create interesting effects in the flow of water, necessitating a local monitoring solution.

a photo of the depth gauge electronics

Developed over several months, the sensor uses an ultrasonic (Acoustic) transducer which reflects off of the surface of the water. Readings are processed using an Arduino Microcontroller and collected in the cloud. 

10 readings are taken per second which are then stored, filtered and averaged once per minute.