Environment & Sustainability

Environment & Sustainability

Emsworth Yacht Harbour is situated within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and ecology. Sustainability and safeguarding the environment are a vitally important responsibility for Emsworth Yacht Harbour, and we hope to encourage our tenants, berth-holders and visitors to continue to assist us in prioritising the environment.

See below to find out information regarding our current environmental projects and standards, our environmental objectives, and for some documents on policies for tenants, berth-holders and customers.

Our Environmental Standards

We are thrilled to announce that following our recent environmental audit, Emsworth Yacht Harbour is officially ISO14001 compliant. This means that we are operating according to the environmental standards & criteria set out by the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems. 

At Emsworth Yacht Harbour, we are determined to ensure that our operations prioritise sustainability, and minimise harm to the environment and local ecology. We aim to review the sustainability of our procedures on an annual basis.

Our Environmental Projects

We try our hardest to minimise waste, pollution and environmental harm on a daily basis through our operations, resourcing and facilities. Here are some examples of Emsworth Yacht Harbour’s ongoing projects and efforts to conserve and protect our ecology and environment.

FiltaBund Water Filtration System

In an effort to keep our waters pollutant-free, Emsworth Yacht Harbour has invested in a Filta-Bund jet-wash mat and water purification system. The bund catches and contains the runoff water from jet-washing boats, which can be contaminated with antifoul residue and other ecologically hazardous substances. This contaminated water is then filtered and treated, and returned to the marina as fresh, clean water. Any residual pollutant or hazardous waste is securely contained and disposed of responsibly. 

Energy Efficiency

As part of ensuring that energy wastage is minimsed, Emsworth Yacht Harbour has switched to automatic sensor and LED lighting everywhere we can in our facilities blocks and main building. We also strongly support the use of renewable energy, for example by collecting solar energy using solar panels on our buildings.

Waste Disposal Facilities

At Emsworth Yacht Harbour, we heavily encourage the responsible and careful disposal of different waste materials. We provide separate facilities for the specific disposal of hazardous and contaminated waste, including waste oil, oil containers, used batteries, scrap metal, and antifoul brushes & tins. 

Sea Wall Maintenence

It is our responsibility to regularly monitor and maintain the condition of the external sea wall to the West of the marina. We have begun to take the impacts of climate change upon rising sea levels and increasing severity of storm events into account, and are currently considering future strategies regarding our coastal defences.

Our Environmental Objectives

Moving toward the future, Emsworth Yacht Harbour is determined to remain consistent in improving and expanding our environmental objectives.

  • To continue to ensure that our operations and practices protect and enhance the environment surrounding Emsworth Yacht Harbour.

  • To minimise pollution, both deriving from environmentally hazardous substances, and as a result of waste generation.

  • To aim towards becoming a carbon neutral business by driving energy efficiency in all operations and by supporting the adoption of renewable and low carbon energy options.

  • To encourage pro-environmental behaviour and sustainable methods amongst customers, contractors, visitors and tenants to reduce pollution and support our environmental policies and goals.

  • To prepare for, and manage, the consequences of Climate Change on our business operations.

Environmental Guidelines & Policies

Below are links to PDF files with specific information regarding our Environmental Policies and Guidelines here at Emsworth Yacht Harbour. These may be useful as guidance on how to ensure that environmentally-friendly behaviour and methods are practiced by all users of the marina.

EYH Environmental Policy

Click here to view Emsworth Yacht Harbour’s Environmental Policy document.

EYH Environmental Code of Conduct for Customers

Click here for guidelines for customers, berth-holders and visitors outlining EYH’s expectations regarding environmental behaviour in and around the marina.

Environmental Guidance for External Contractors

Click here to view our environmental induction flashcard, designed for external contractors working on site.

Useful Environmental Links

The Green Blue

The Green Blue offer plenty of useful information and resources to boat owners, as well as to marine-based companies, on the most sustainable methods relating to boating. Posters, newsletters, articles and videos providing environmental advice on topics from antifouling to marine life are available on their website. (Click the Green Blue Logo to visit their website.)

Waste Disposal Guidance

If you are unsure about how best to dispose of your waste on site at Emsworth Yacht Harbour, or would like to know more about our waste facilities on site, click here to visit our Waste Disposal Guidance Page.