COVID 19 Update- Roadmap

We have had some updated guidance from British Marine & The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) who have been in discussions with relevant government departments following the announcement of the recovery roadmap last week.

We are delighted to be able to tell you that recreational boating is allowed from 8th March with the following conditions:

  • The boat you are using is ‘open air’.
  • You are boating on waterways accessible to the public.
  • Single household / bubble per boat.
  • You stay ‘local’ and minimise time spent away from home.
  • If relevant you must comply with the restrictions around water sport facilities which remain closed.
  • You must not stay overnight onboard.

From the 29th March:

  • Water sports venues can reopen and organised sporting activity can restart.
  • You will be able to take out ‘indoor boats’ with one household only.
  • ‘Open air’ boats can have 2 households on board, up to 6 people.
  • No overnight stays.

No earlier than 12th April:

  • Overnight stays allowed (one household only).

No earlier than 17th May:

  • Up to six people / 2 households allowed on board for ‘indoor boats’.
  • Up to 30 people allowed on ‘open air’ boats.

No earlier than 21st June:

  • No restrictions (subject to review).

What has not been made clear from the guidance is the issue of boat maintenance.

TYHA’s position is-

‘Boat Maintenance

  • If a boat owner needs to work on their boat to ensure that it is safe to use (seaworthy) then this is permitted from 8th March
  • Other general maintenance on boats is not permitted until 12th April at the earliest’

With all of this taken into consideration we are therefore open (subject to ongoing restrictions described above) from 8th of March.

Our view remains that it is up to each individual to decide how the guidance affects them and each individual will need to define terms such as ‘local’, ‘open air’ and ‘seaworthy’ for themselves.

We will keep you updated should the guidance change or new information is made available to us. We look forward to welcoming you back to the marina as soon as you are able to visit.

Covid-19 Update: National Lockdown

Happy New Year to you!

Following the latest government announcement, we wish to reassure you that EYH remains open to look after our residents, take care of your boats and maintain site security. However given the government guidance to Stay at Home, we will be reducing our staffing as far as we can while maintaining a presence on site. We will still have staff in both the office and the yard and some of us will be working from home. The office will be open Monday to Saturday for our usual hours but we have made the decision to close on Sundays for the period of the lockdown. We have a duty of care to our staff and our customers so will be balancing those needs and trying to keep everyone safe – we thank you for your understanding.

We urge everyone to follow the government guidance and Stay at Home and are therefore discouraging people from visiting the marina. We are here to look after your boats and carry out any tasks that we can on your behalf. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want anything checking, more electricity or just to know that your boat is ok.

We await further clarification from British Marine and TYHA over what is permitted activity and will share this with you as soon as we can. We will keep our activities under review and will communicate any changes via social media and by email.

COVID-19 Update: EYH into Tier 4 from Boxing Day

The following is the guidance we have had from TYHA:

Marina businesses in Tier 4 can remain open as can boatyard operations including lift out, boat repair/refit subject to maintaining all current COVID-19 operating practices. Local boat owners can access and use their boats on their own or with their household/support bubble. Boat owners should not travel out of a Tier 4 area to visit or use their boat.

Government guidance states that people ‘should not travel into a Tier 4 area from another part of the UK’ other than for specific reasons which does not include sport or recreation. Therefore, if your marina is in Tier 4 your customers should not travel to it if they live in Tier 1, 2 or 3.

Government guidance states that ‘If you need to travel you should stay local – meaning avoiding travelling outside of your village, town or the part of a city where you live – and look to reduce the number of journeys you make overall.’ Therefore boat owners should not be encouraged to travel any significant distance to access their boat and should only do this on their own, with the people they live with, their support bubble or with one person from another household.

Government guidance states that the population should not stay ‘overnight away from your main home unless permitted by law.’ Therefore overnight stays on boats are not permitted in Tier 4 except for specific reasons (which includes if the boat is a primary residence) stated in government guidance.

We have sought clarity from government on accessing boats in Tier 4 areas from other Tiers for maintenance purposes, their response is as follows:

Boat maintenance. Whilst there is specific reference within Tiers 1 to 3 for travel for purposes of maintaining “assets including second homes, caravans and boats” , for Tier 4 the travel restrictions are understandably much tighter. “People in Tier 4 areas must stay at home and not travel out of Tier 4. They may only leave for a limited number of exempt reasons, like work, education or caring purposes.” Under Tier 4, there is no exception for the purposes of securing or maintaining assets. Should there be critical health and safety risks which require immediate attention then the caveat of ‘reasonable excuse’ might be possible within the regulations; this would need to be a case-by-case decision for individuals and organisations to take to ensure they are compliant with the regulations as the baseline expectation is no non-essential travel.”

Please be aware that The Deck restaurant is closed but The Deck trailer remains open.

Merry Christmas

As we near the end of 2020, we would like to thank all our customers for their support and understanding over the course of this challenging year. We have all had to adapt to new ways of working and the ever changing guidelines while here at EYH we have also had staff changes plus new software systems to contend with. Never a dull moment!

A major difference between this and previous years has been the lack of “face-time” with customers, with the cancellation of all our events and the limits on interaction in the office. We have missed spending time with you all and hope for a resumption of social activity in 2021.

We wish you a safe and happy Christmas and look forward to better times next year.

COVID-19 latest: EYH is in Tier 2 from 2/12/20

The following is the guidance we have received from British Marine:

Marina operations can remain open subject to up to date risk assessments and COVID-19 protocols as follows:

Marina leisure berths: can stay open, and in general restrictions on travel have been lifted so boat owners can travel again to use and maintain their vessels. However, the government advises against overnight stays away from home, other than for specific reasons when in Tier 3. Marinas should remind customers to follow the guidelines and to avoid travelling in from Tier 3 areas.

Boatyard Operations: including lift out and boat repair/refit are permitted

Food & Beverage: Cafes, bars and restaurants on marina sites must follow the correct procedures for the Tier.

Car Parking – proposed parking management scheme and frequently asked questions

One of the main issues we have had with the site over the years has been parking. This was improved several years ago when we built the visitor car park, however over time it has become free parking for site users who are not paying customers and this has resulted in reduced parking space for marina customers and tenants.

We have been working hard to resolve this and are now proposing a new parking management scheme, with the continued aim of providing free parking for our berthholders and other marina users.

From the start of October, there will be new parking restrictions in place that will take focus on two areas, access to the southern side of the site and the visitor car park. The existing barrier on the C and D access road will be replaced by an ANPR camera operated barrier. Access to this road by vehicle will only be possible if the vehicle registration is logged in the ANPR database. Customer parking on this access road will remain available on a first come first served basis and we encourage you to unload your car and return it to the visitor car park if there is not enough space to park.

The visitor car park will also be controlled by an ANPR camera but there will be no barrier. Vehicle registrations will be logged as cars enter and exit the car park. Visitors, who are not customers of the marina or tenant businesses, will need to pay at the pay station using either cash or mobile.

Locations for these are shown on the map below:

Cars parked without being registered with the marina or without paying to park will be fined £80.

We must ensure that all paying site users can park for free. This includes annual berthholders, tenants & their customers, storage customers etc and to ensure this we need to collect all our customers vehicle registrations. If you are an Emsworth Yacht Harbour customer or tenant we will be in touch with you shortly to capture this data.

We will be able to add car registrations either temporarily (for visitors) or permanently (for annual berthholders, long term storage customers, tenants etc) via a tablet in the Harbour Office. A similar system will be in place for customers of The Deck.


Boat Owners

I am taking guests out on my boat. How do I make sure they do not get a ticket?

Contact the Harbour Office in advance of your guest’s arrival and we can input their vehicle registration into the temporary parking database. This is particularly important if you are arriving out of Harbour Office hours.

What do I do if I am not using my own car?

Contact the Harbour Office and we can input the vehicle registration into the temporary parking database.

What do I do if I have changed my car?

Contact the Harbour Office and we can input the vehicle registration into the permanent parking database. We will remove your old car registration.

Will the new restrictions mean that the A / B pontoon parking will be busier?

In the next few months, we will be putting up parking restriction signs in the areas of the marina that will not be covered by ANPR cameras. Cars parked without EYH parking stickers will be recorded by a member of our staff and the owner of the vehicle will receive a parking fine. This should mean that we will have full control of parking on site.


I have customers visiting my business. How do I make sure they do not get a ticket?

Contact the Harbour Office and we can input the vehicle registration into the temporary parking database.

The Deck

Will customers of The Deck need to pay for parking?

No. There will be a tablet in the deck restaurant where customers will be able to input their vehicle registration number to receive limited free parking.


I am coming to work on a customer’s boat where should I park?

You will need to come up to the Harbour Office before you start any work. We will need to see your insurance details and sign you in. We will then input your vehicle registration into the temporary parking database.

Other Site Users

I am visiting the site to walk my dog. Do I need to pay to park?

Yes. You can pay at the visitor car park pay station using cash or your mobile phone.

I sometimes launch my paddleboard from the Slipper Road slip way. Will I need to pay to park?

Yes. You can pay at the visitor car park pay station using cash or your mobile phone.

EYH is open with new COVID-19 procedures in place

With the easing of lockdown restrictions, boat owners and other customers are now able to visit Emsworth Yacht Harbour, carry out maintenance on their boat and go sailing.

Please however note the following:

1. The new government guidance allows you to travel anywhere in England for exercise and sport. Please see for full details.
2. You are not allowed to stay overnight anywhere other than your primary residence. Please do not stay overnight on your boat.
3. You may only meet with one other person at a time with anyone from outside your household and this meeting must be 1 on 1. 
4. Chichester Harbour Conservancy have issued their own guidance on vessels using the harbour which can be found here:

We have put in place measures to help keep everyone safe and have circulated documents outlining these and put up information signage around the site. Any access to the marina is conditional on you adhering to our new site rules and the government guidance. The measures we have put in place will only work with your cooperation and we reserve the right to restrict access if we feel we are unable to manage the health and safety of those on site. Please be respectful and considerate to all site users, your actions have an impact on others.

The yard team are back at work from today and the launch programme is underway. James is busy contacting anyone who has indicated they are ready for a launch to get those booked in over the coming days. If you have not yet told us your launch plans it would be very helpful if you could do so.

The office team will also be back from tomorrow and our plan is to have the office open this week Thursday to Saturday. We will open the office on Sunday if we feel there is demand for it. Starting on Monday 18th May the office will be open 7 days a week.

If you have any questions or queries please contact the Harbour Office.

COVID-19 update

Further to the government announcement yesterday evening in regard to the easing of the lockdown, we are continuing our preparations to bring back our staff and restart our boatyard operations. Last week, we carried out risk assessments in line with the official guidance and have developed procedures to keep staff, customers and visitors safe on site. We are completing site set-up today and tomorrow and will be sharing details of these measures directly with customers via email.

We await confirmation that leisure boaters are allowed back on site and to use their boats, as part of the widening of permitted outdoor activities. Once this is the case, we will post a further update so please bear with us and we hope to be welcoming everyone back very soon.