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    Car Parking – proposed parking management scheme and frequently asked questions

    One of the main issues we have had with the site over the years has been parking. This was improved several years ago when we built the visitor car park, however over time it has become free parking for site users who are not paying customers and this has resulted in reduced parking space for marina customers and tenants.

    We have been working hard to resolve this and are now proposing a new parking management scheme, with the continued aim of providing free parking for our berthholders and other marina users.

    From the start of October, there will be new parking restrictions in place that will take focus on two areas, access to the southern side of the site and the visitor car park. The existing barrier on the C and D access road will be replaced by an ANPR camera operated barrier. Access to this road by vehicle will only be possible if the vehicle registration is logged in the ANPR database. Customer parking on this access road will remain available on a first come first served basis and we encourage you to unload your car and return it to the visitor car park if there is not enough space to park.

    The visitor car park will also be controlled by an ANPR camera but there will be no barrier. Vehicle registrations will be logged as cars enter and exit the car park. Visitors, who are not customers of the marina or tenant businesses, will need to pay at the pay station using either cash or mobile.

    Locations for these are shown on the map below:

    Cars parked without being registered with the marina or without paying to park will be fined £80.

    We must ensure that all paying site users can park for free. This includes annual berthholders, tenants & their customers, storage customers etc and to ensure this we need to collect all our customers vehicle registrations. If you are an Emsworth Yacht Harbour customer or tenant we will be in touch with you shortly to capture this data.

    We will be able to add car registrations either temporarily (for visitors) or permanently (for annual berthholders, long term storage customers, tenants etc) via a tablet in the Harbour Office. A similar system will be in place for customers of The Deck.


    Boat Owners

    I am taking guests out on my boat. How do I make sure they do not get a ticket?

    Contact the Harbour Office in advance of your guest’s arrival and we can input their vehicle registration into the temporary parking database. This is particularly important if you are arriving out of Harbour Office hours.

    What do I do if I am not using my own car?

    Contact the Harbour Office and we can input the vehicle registration into the temporary parking database.

    What do I do if I have changed my car?

    Contact the Harbour Office and we can input the vehicle registration into the permanent parking database. We will remove your old car registration.

    Will the new restrictions mean that the A / B pontoon parking will be busier?

    In the next few months, we will be putting up parking restriction signs in the areas of the marina that will not be covered by ANPR cameras. Cars parked without EYH parking stickers will be recorded by a member of our staff and the owner of the vehicle will receive a parking fine. This should mean that we will have full control of parking on site.


    I have customers visiting my business. How do I make sure they do not get a ticket?

    Contact the Harbour Office and we can input the vehicle registration into the temporary parking database.

    The Deck

    Will customers of The Deck need to pay for parking?

    No. There will be a tablet in the deck restaurant where customers will be able to input their vehicle registration number to receive limited free parking.


    I am coming to work on a customer’s boat where should I park?

    You will need to come up to the Harbour Office before you start any work. We will need to see your insurance details and sign you in. We will then input your vehicle registration into the temporary parking database.

    Other Site Users

    I am visiting the site to walk my dog. Do I need to pay to park?

    Yes. You can pay at the visitor car park pay station using cash or your mobile phone.

    I sometimes launch my paddleboard from the Slipper Road slip way. Will I need to pay to park?

    Yes. You can pay at the visitor car park pay station using cash or your mobile phone.

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    EYH is open with new COVID-19 procedures in place

    With the easing of lockdown restrictions, boat owners and other customers are now able to visit Emsworth Yacht Harbour, carry out maintenance on their boat and go sailing.

    Please however note the following:

    1. The new government guidance allows you to travel anywhere in England for exercise and sport. Please see for full details.
    2. You are not allowed to stay overnight anywhere other than your primary residence. Please do not stay overnight on your boat.
    3. You may only meet with one other person at a time with anyone from outside your household and this meeting must be 1 on 1. 
    4. Chichester Harbour Conservancy have issued their own guidance on vessels using the harbour which can be found here:

    We have put in place measures to help keep everyone safe and have circulated documents outlining these and put up information signage around the site. Any access to the marina is conditional on you adhering to our new site rules and the government guidance. The measures we have put in place will only work with your cooperation and we reserve the right to restrict access if we feel we are unable to manage the health and safety of those on site. Please be respectful and considerate to all site users, your actions have an impact on others.

    The yard team are back at work from today and the launch programme is underway. James is busy contacting anyone who has indicated they are ready for a launch to get those booked in over the coming days. If you have not yet told us your launch plans it would be very helpful if you could do so.

    The office team will also be back from tomorrow and our plan is to have the office open this week Thursday to Saturday. We will open the office on Sunday if we feel there is demand for it. Starting on Monday 18th May the office will be open 7 days a week.

    If you have any questions or queries please contact the Harbour Office.

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    COVID-19 update

    Further to the government announcement yesterday evening in regard to the easing of the lockdown, we are continuing our preparations to bring back our staff and restart our boatyard operations. Last week, we carried out risk assessments in line with the official guidance and have developed procedures to keep staff, customers and visitors safe on site. We are completing site set-up today and tomorrow and will be sharing details of these measures directly with customers via email.

    We await confirmation that leisure boaters are allowed back on site and to use their boats, as part of the widening of permitted outdoor activities. Once this is the case, we will post a further update so please bear with us and we hope to be welcoming everyone back very soon.

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    EYH site restrictions after updated government advice

    Since the lockdown announcement early last week, British Marine and TYHA (the Yacht Harbour Association) have been working with the government to clarify the intentions with regard to marinas. Initially the advice was that all services deemed “non-essential” should be closed, however this position has evolved somewhat and updated advice was released to the sector at the end of last week. Broadly the government is drawing a parallel between marinas and leisure caravan parks and is advising accordingly.

    The main guidance is as follows:

    Leisure moorings are a non-essential service, boat owners should follow the directive to stay at home and therefore boat owners should not visit the marina or use their boats.

    Where individuals are staying on their boats, they should return to their primary residence where this is possible. If not they can remain provided they follow government guidance and maintain social distancing.

    Boatyard services may continue only if these services can be conducted safely and without requiring customers to leave their homes. Services can therefore go ahead if it is deemed safe to do so after risk assessments and provided correct safety measures are implemented and no customers are present. 

    Tenant services can continue on the same basis i.e. if the services can be conducted safely, subject to risk assessments, safety measures and provided no customers are present.

    Fuel provision only if required to supply essential commercial activities and subject to risk assessments.

    Where any services are offered they all have to be subject to ongoing risk assessments and the maintenance of social distancing.

    Following on from this, James is carrying out risk assessments in regard to boat movements and it may be that we are able to carry out a limited yard programme next week. We have a tricky site because of the footpaths and consequent open access to the public and boat movements will only go ahead if we are confident that the risk is manageable and the staff are willing and able to operate. Should we go ahead, only boats that are ready to be moved will be included and James will contact individual owners directly. No customers will be allowed to be present for the moving of their boats. It is of course entirely possible that the situation and/or the advice may change again in the coming days.and we will react appropriately.

    The marina office remains closed but office administration is being carried out from home and we will be contactable by phone and by email. The office phone is being forwarded to Alison (if you don’t get me immediately please be patient as I may be out for a walk, taking my one prescribed piece of exercise per day!). Please use email in the first instance if you can. Customers can access our online portals to make payments and we can also accept payments over the phone. 

    If you want something checked on your boat or indeed a photo to show that all is well, please contact us and one of the yard staff should be able to sort this for you.

    Once again we apologise for the restrictions. Clearly this is not how anyone would like the season to be going. Our continued priority is keeping our staff and our wider community safe – thank you for all the messages of support, these are very much appreciated.

    As always, any concerns or queries please make contact. We hope you all stay safe and healthy.

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    EYH Suspension of Yard Services & Office Closure

    Following the government announcement on Monday,  we have made the decision to close the marina office and suspend the yard programme, so there will be no boat movements for the foreseeable future. We have emailed affected customers directly with the implications for them.

    The following is the current position:

    The marina office is closed but office administration will be carried out from home and we will be contactable by phone and by email. Please use email in the first instance if you can. Customers can access our online portals to make payments and we can also accept payments over the phone. 

    Yard services are suspended and will be rescheduled once the restrictions are lifted.

    The site will still be open for you to access your boats but please use your own judgement as to whether this is appropriate and observe the social distancing requirements.

    Our cleaner Kelly will also be continuing to clean both sets of facilities, please respect her personal space (and her signs) so that she can do this.

    Tenant businesses may or may not be operating as this is down to their individual decisions.

    James and Ian will be around the site, keeping an eye on your boats and our other on site security measures will still be in force. 

    Boats that are unable to leave at the end of March, or at the end of their contracted period, will not be charged for storage or berthing for April. We will review this decision at the end of April when we know how the situation is developing.

    We do apologise for the disruption caused to your plans, particularly where we have not been able to launch your boat. Our priority is keeping our staff and our wider community safe and we ask for your understanding at this difficult time.

    Any specific concerns or queries please do get in touch. We wish you all the best for the coming weeks.

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    EYH wins award!

    Each year, The Yacht Harbour Association organises a Marina of the Year competition, sponsored this year by Towergate. Thanks to the votes from our berth holders, we won the runner up prize for Coastal Marina of the Year (less than 250 berths). This was its seventh year; the awards recognise the best of more than 160 gold anchor-accredited marinas from around the world. As well as this, all four coastal awards of the year were won by TransEurope members.

    After winning the award our managing director, Alison Wakelin, had a few words to say;

    “We are delighted to have been awarded Runner Up in the Marina of the Year, Coastal marinas under 250 berths category. We are lucky to have a loyal and engaged community of boaters based here at Emsworth and our thanks to all those who voted for us.

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    Caribbean Party: A Great Success

    What a way to kick off the summer!

    With a turnout of almost 200 people, our annual Summer event was a celebration of the Caribbean, with bright outfits and a steel band. With Alison away, Ann stepped in to take the reins, delivering a lovely speech. The food was, as always, delicious and the atmosphere was jovial ans surprisingly calm.

    Many thanks to all who attended, making this the success that it was, and to the Harbour team for all their hard work. Special mention to Lorna who organised the day so well, as she so often does. Photos of the event are now available to be seen in the gallery.

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    Marina Watersports – kayak hire from EYH

    With support from EYH, Andre King of Marina Yurts has established Marina Watersports, to offer kayak hire on Chichester Harbour. Based in the marina, Marina Watersports have ten kayaks from single to triple available for hire, with launching from the top of Slipper Road. All details can be found on the new web-site, with online bookings going live this Saturday 29th June.

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    New Berthholder Welcome Event

    During May, an assortment of berthholders and staff assembled for a picnic up on the sea wall to enjoy an informal get-together and welcome our new berthholders. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great but at least it didn’t rain and there were some impressive picnics on display. New berthholders and our pontoon reps received a small locally sourced gift and while not everyone was able to make it, it was a pretty good turnout! Photos are now in the Gallery.

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    EYH/ECA combined cruise to Bembridge

    Report on EYH/ECA Cruise  by Neil Fuller (Koto C28 & Commodore ECA)
    4-6 May in Bembridge

     Just before the rally a keen eye was kept on the weather as conditions looked a bit changeable and the forecast varied from day to day. On the day the forecast was for 15-23 knot winds so it would be one reef in the main for Koto. As it was from more or less between N and NNE it would be off the starboard quarter on the way to Bembridge so maybe just a headsail would do.

    Paul in Gemini was first to leave at about 10:15, just creeping over the sill. Koto was next at 10:30 and was quickly followed by a small fleet. We motor-sailed out of the harbour as far as Bar Beacon with just the headsail up as the wind was not quite strong enough at this time to keep up a decent speed against the flood. Once set on course for Bembridge however the wind strength steadily increased, and we were soon flying along. We registered one gust of about 35kn when our speed went up to 7.2 knots STW, but the wind generally hovered around 20-25kn. The sea was relatively flat until we closed in on Bembridge where it became a bit confused, with the odd crest breaking against the side.

    Once in the harbour we came upon what is best described as a traffic jam, with about 10 boats milling about trying to get docked. Gordon was doing his best sergeant major impressions over the radio trying to keep order and get us in according to the docking plan. Having a strong wind blowing directly across the pontoons was not making life easy for anyone. After about 20 minutes of somewhat frustrating pootling up and down the channel it was finally our turn. We had to get into a space the same length as Koto with rafts of 3 boats either side and directly into the wind. A first attempt bow first got us nowhere as the bow blew off too quickly to do anything with the ropes so the next attempt was stern first. This sort of worked as I could at least hold Koto onto the pontoon with the engine whilst ropes were sorted and eventually tied off. As soon as we were in Georgina, Espray, and Clara all rafted on in short order. Shore lines were taken from Georgina and Espray as I had visions of my deck cleats going walkabout. Much knitting was involved as bridles had to be made up to stop ropes rubbing on various bows and sterns.

    Winkle, Mudlark, Tringa II, and Gemini had a very similar experience. Some other boats on the rally, such as Jamaroo IV, had seen the weather and decided to come over the day before, which was probably a good move as the pontoons were empty then. There were some 134 boats booked into Bembridge so it was packed. I heard boats being turned away over the radio. We unfortunately lost Grenadine and Jarretts due to water issues and discretion respectively. After all that excitement a quiet cup of tea and rest was required. This was taken with members Suzy and Mark on their new boat Cassini. Mark and Suzy were not officially on the rally but in Bembridge anyway.

    We were booked into Brading Haven Yacht Club for an evening meal so at around 18:00 I did the rounds to collect everyone for a walk around the causeway. It was a fairly pleasant evening so the walk was nice and worked up the appetite. We were met by the BHYC Vice-Commodore who welcomed us to the club. Whilst drinks were taken I sorted out with Emily and Chris (restaurant manager and chef) who was now eating and what. There had been several changes in the last few days before the rally so it needed a confirmatory check. Emily and Chris did us proud and we had a smashing meal. This introduced three new member couples who have joined us this year to the social side of the ECA/EYH, Lyn and Leslie (Clara), Phil and Sandy (French Girl), and Barry and Linda (Tilley May). After a great evening some of us took the water taxi back whilst the rest of us walked back via the causeway in the dark. We wondered why there were lots of green glowsticks on the route but then realised there were a number of runners with powerful head torches on coming our way. The causeway was part of the IoW Challenge where people run around the 106km coastal path. Better them than me!

    Sunday dawned cold but bright and not too windy. Once again I collected those who were going on the planned walk across Brading Marshes, with a detour lunchtime stop at The Auctioneer at Brading. We set off from the harbour office at about 10:15. I had allowed lots of time to get to the lunch stop based on last year’s walk, when getting everyone to the restaurant on time proved tricky. As it was I had allowed far too much time, even allowing for avoiding bicycles from the Ride the Wight event, and losing some of us at a car boot sale in St Helens. After a lovely walk across the marsh we took Emma at The Auctioneer by surprise, arriving at 11:30, an hour before she was expecting us. Rising to the challenge, Emma gave us copious amounts of tea and coffee, and even some canapés whilst she and the staff got the meal ready. It was very pleasant lounging in the environs of The Auctioneer, which dates back to the 12th Century. Lorna and John joined us for the meal as they had come over on the ferry with car that morning. The meal itself was fantastic. It was supposedly a three course tasting menu, but by the end of it most of us were completely stuffed. We didn’t get back on the walk until 15:00. Again, it was a lovely walk across the marsh and then up across by the aerodrome and to the windmill. From there, it was a walk down the Bembridge trail to the beach to get the water taxi back to the pontoons. The rally had by now been swelled by another 3 boats as we had been joined by Bob, Kyra and Mary Morrison, who had come over during the day to join in the evening BBQ.

    Not long after getting back from the walk it was time for the BBQ on the harbour wall. This was hosted by EYH, with wine and nibbles laid on. The BBQ was soon up to temperature and a wide variety of items were soon cooking. The evening was quite cool, so it was a case of standing by the BBQ or sitting inside the marquee. With the extra boats we really had a marquee full, I counted at least 30, such a good turnout.
    Monday was return home day for most of us. The day started off cool but bright again. This time the wind was from the SW and blowing about 8-10 knots. Boats started leaving at about 10:00. Koto got out at about 10:30 after the boats outside had gone. Leaving was a lot less fraught than arriving and it was not too much of a procession going out. Once out beyond the buoys the main went up and the full genoa came out. It was not quite a dead run but close. I sailed just off to keep the genoa filled and on the last bit before the bar beacon we were goose-winged. The wind did pick up slightly so we made reasonable progress at 4 knots.

    I think it was a fantastic weekend. Apart from the wind at the start the weather was pretty good, if somewhat cool during the nights. It was a great turnout with 16 ECA/EYH boats being present on the Sunday. My thanks Lorna and EYH for supporting the rally and my thanks to all who came for making it such a great time.

    Boat Roll Call:
    Koto, Georgina, Gemini, Jamaroo IV, Mudlark, Winkle, Tringa II, Espray, Clara, Mad Moment, Mary Morrison, French Girl, Tilly May, Kyra, Bob, Cassini.

07:0018:47 BST
Feels like: 12°C
Wind: 16km/h WNW
Humidity: 60%
Pressure: 1013.88mbar
UV index: 3


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