Waste Disposal Guidance

As part of our ongoing commitment to safeguarding the environment, Emsworth Yacht Harbour provides waste disposal and recycling facilities across the site. Please use this page as guidance if you are uncertain about our waste facilities, or how best to dispose of your waste.

We encourage all users of the marina to make sure that waste is disposed of responsibly, and contained within the appropriate receptacle. Please do not dispose of any waste in the incorrect bin, or leave waste outside or on the ground.

This will help us to ensure that wherever possible, waste materials do not become cross-contaminated, and can be effectively recycled. Additionally, separating and securing hazardous waste materials in dedicated areas will protect our local ecology & environment from pollution or contamination.


Sorting and Separating Waste Materials

There are several waste disposal areas & facilities around the site, designated for the disposal of the following types of waste; Each type of waste material should be disposed of only in its specified bin or receptacle.

General Waste & Recycling: Separate bins for general/household waste, recycling, and glass recycling.

Hazardous Waste: Disposal facilities for paint & antifouling waste materials, waste oil & absorbents, and used batteries.

Scrap Metal: Clean & uncontaminated scrap metal can be disposed of in our scrap metal bin.

This infographic explains how to separate out your waste, and which corresponding receptacle or waste area to dispose of this waste in.

General Waste & Recycling

These bins are appropriate for most general household waste and recycling. Please ensure to separate out glass and recycling from your general waste.

General Waste, Glass and Recycling Bins are located in three areas on site:

  • Next to the Entrance to A Pontoon
  • Behind the Workshop units, to the East of the main building
  • Next to the Facilities block for C & D Pontoons

Please ensure that no hazardous materials (including paint cans/brushes, chemical or oil waste) are disposed of in general waste & recycling areas.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

The following waste materials should be treated as hazardous waste:

  • Paint or Antifouling Cans
  • Paint or Antifouling Rollers, Trays or Brushes
  • Waste Oil
  • Oily Rags or Absorbents
  • Oil Containers
  • Used Batteries
  • Any other chemical or potentially harmful substances

Do not dispose of these hazardous waste items in general waste & recycling bins or in the scrap metal bin. Hazardous and chemical substances and waste will contaminate other waste items, preventing them from being suitable for sustainable processing or recycling.

Hazardous waste materials should only be disposed of at our dedicated hazardous waste area, the blue Waste Oil Shed, located on the Crane Quay near the entrance to C Pontoon. To ensure that any hazardous waste materials are safely contained, the Waste Oil Shed is secured with a lock.

Please contact the office for the access code for the Waste Oil Shed.

Inside the shed are separate bins for:

  • Paint Cans & Brushes
  • Oil Containers
  • Oil Filters
  • Waste Oily Rags & Absorbents

Please do not leave any hazardous waste items on the ground outside the shed. Ensure that hazardous waste is secured within the dedicated receptacle.

Waste Oil should be disposed of only in the Waste Oil Container outside the shed. You will need a key to access this container, which is kept inside the office. Please contact the office for the key to the waste oil container.


Scrap Metal

All scrap metal should be disposed of in the designated scrap metal bin.